What You Shouldn’t Miss in Your Gold Coast Tour Package

When in Australia, especially in Queensland, it is almost a sin to not visit the Gold Coast. It is sought after by tourists for its beautiful and dainty beaches, bursting metropolis, and many other notable attractions. The natural beauty of the region is undeniable but there is also enough modern city charm to appeal to all kinds of people. When choosing a Gold Coast tour package, it is important to take note of a few notable attractions you cannot afford to miss.
To make comparing tour packages easier, here is a list of recommended attractions in the Gold Coast area:
Dreamworld: This is one of the top destinations in Gold Coast for the whole family. Dreamworld is the largest theme park in Australia that features several rides, and other themed attractions. One of its most popular rides is the Tower of Terror II, which should be on your must-try rides when you visit. Another notable ride is the Giant Drop that has proven to be a favorite among thrill seekers.
Surfers Paradise: This is another must visit and should never be without on your Gold Coast tour package. It is located around 30 minutes from the airport. This is where the main points of attraction in Gold Coast can be found. Hence, visitors flock here all year round. There are several restaurants, shopping centers, and other night life hubs in the Surfers Paradise, all while offering a golden beach view within a few meters.
Skypoint Observation Deck: Want to see Gold Coast in a totally different perspective? Go up at 230 meters at this observation deck so you will be left in awe at the stunning view of Gold Coast’s beaches and nearby sights.
Springbrook National Park: If you love nature, make sure to inquire if this destination is included in your tour package. This protected national park is a world heritage site due to its unusual geological features that were formed over millions of years. You will no doubt experience an adventure quite like no other while exploring the sights of Springbrook National Park.
Burleigh Heads: Love surfing? Head on over to Burleigh Heads in Gold Coast, Australia. This is a suburb that is frequented by visitors due to the spectacular surfing conditions. In fact, international and professional surfers flock here to ride the waves!
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary: If you are traveling with kids, inquire about this destination in your tour package. This is also a heritage listed site that features a host of wildlife species, mostly unique in Australia. Your kids will enjoy seeing koalas and kangaroos at the wildlife sanctuary. There are also bird shows and animal feeding sessions.
The Gold Coast in Queensland no doubt offers a seemingly unlimited array of sights and attractions. Booking a tour package is convenient way to see all these must-visit sights. In addition, it will eliminate the hassle of transporting from one location to another. The fact that you also have your own tour guide makes the experience worthwhile. To learn about various options for your Gold Coast tour package, visit http://bananalife.com.au/.

All You Ought to Know about Vehicle ROPS

Vehicle ROPS is the operator compartment structures premeditated to protect motorists as well as equipment operators from injuries associated with vehicle rollovers or overturns. You will need to know about ROPS for your fleet vehicles, if you work with Mine Spec Service Bodies. Vehicle ROPS are available in integrated cab, four-post fixed, two-post affordable and two-post fixed. Vehicle ROPS are steel tubes attached to a frame which attaches to the vehicle under an accessible seating position.


Vehicle ROP is necessary to guide against injury or fatality from accident. On the other hand, ROPS protect vehicle from rollover and should be installed on your vehicles.

How Vehicle ROP Works

ROPS protect vehicle by creating a frame that makes it more difficult for the vehicle to turn over further than 90 degrees. The frame creates enough space that a user who is properly belted in will not be breached, even if the vehicle does manage a full roller.

Why You Need Vehicle ROP

Vehicle ROP is a safety feature and for this reason, nothing else can protect you against inherent dangers of operating automobile. OSHA regulations dictate that you must install vehicle ROP on your vehicles, if you are operating automobile in a professional capacity. This is predominantly essential for landscapers in order to steer clear of fines and injury to their workers.

Type of Vehicle ROP Structure to Consider

The type of vehicle ROP for your consideration depends on the environment and usage of the vehicle and size of the automobile involved. For instance, a smaller vehicle will just need a two-post structure. However, a structure that can fold down is your best bet if you will be moving in areas where there may be low clearances. A fixed structure is the best in all other cases. A four-post system will offer better safety and better prevention for the operator of larger and heavier vehicles that can gain more momentum in a rollover.

Vehicle ROP Features

1. Low height and outstanding visibility for moving needs, underground parking and low vehicle roll.

2. Interior lighting to help you see your tools and supplies, even when it is dark. This is quite essential if you are using the vehicles in mine that may cause the lighting to be dim.

3. Corrosion protection feature. Buy ROPS that are powder coated against moisture.

Tips on Choosing the Right Vehicle ROP

1. ROPS protect vehicle that has the key features and functions. As there is a wide range of choices of ROPS to choose from, you must ensure that the rollover protection systems you are using is made to the highest quality standards for safety and have the right features.

2. When searching for mine spec service including other structures, take your time and do a thorough research.

3. Choose the light and strong ROPS for your fleet vehicles. In addition, make sure that they have central locking, large capacity and weather tight sealing if possible.

4. When it comes to vehicle ROP, don’t compromise safety.

5. Opt for a manufacturer of repute that has an excellent history when looking for ROPS for your vehicles.

6. Buy the best ROPS for the best results

Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) is designed to protect your vehicle from rollover. The above tips give you an insight to vehicle ROP and how to buy the right one.