The Intangible Gift: Volunteering and Giving Yourself to Others

Sounds too risky, doesn’t it? But the old adage is true—no man is an island, indeed. We all need other people to survive, to help us grow, and to sustain our progress as a human race. Few of the many ways for being in touch with your humanity is by volunteering or facilitating nutrition programs.

nutrition programs

What does “giving yourself to others” mean?

Clothes fade, flowers wilt, and diamond rings even get lost. We, humans, are vulnerable to the temporary pleasures that material things give. They’re not bad and it’s absolutely okay to shower someone with gifts, but intangible gifts are even more precious.

Intangible gifts include giving yourself as a person to others—being their friend, being a volunteer, or being a mentor without asking anything in return. It’s taught in different religions all over the planet. But their message is unified and clear—humans must learn to give to their fellow humans.

Why is this important today?

Nowadays, it’s easy to mistrust others because of the convoluted image that the media paints of the world. Ironically, as technology brought us closer, gaps have also widened. As people, as a race—it’s important to not lose humanity—it’s one of the ways to survive.

Growing as a person

Have you ever hit rock bottom so hard that you felt isolating yourself from everyone for a long time? Have you felt the dire need to be alone just to think? In a way, it does help. But after the storm, when you’re ready to see the world, being with people enormously helps too.

Volunteering and facilitating nutrition programs abroad, for instance, reaps many benefits especially to those who are transitioning to adulthood. In some countries like UK and Australia, gap years are crucial times for a young adult. This is the time when they ponder on their decisions that will affect their lives for the years to come.

They can take a rest or do worthwhile activities like volunteering in nutrition programs or getting volunteer orphanage programs abroad.

Gaining perspective

Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose. Whatever purpose you realize, you always gain a new perspective. You may develop or diminish your worldview when you were a high school student. The world you thought you knew may expand or shrink. It depends on what you experience, but one thing is for sure—you’re not the same person afterward.

Practical applications

The best volunteer abroad programs have a variety of choices for volunteers. These experiences can provide important skills for a person like social awareness and communication skills. You can also practice your skills for your desired careers like medicine or teaching. Involvement Volunteers International (IVI), for instance, offers authorized and genuine programs you can participate in like:

  • Volunteering in Nepal’s stray dog rehabilitation
  • Getting medical internships for high school students in Leyte, Philippines
  • Volunteering in an Elephant Conservation in Thailand
  • Enrolling in a Turtle Conservation Program in Bali, Indonesia
  • Volunteering in Rural Primary School in Cambodia

For inquiries, you can find other programs and projects on their website,

You can’t change the world, but you can change your ways.