Founded in 1824 to provide an education for boys, The Edinburgh Academy today is co-educational in its nursery and at 16+. The school remains committed to its motto “Excellence Always”. It is widely regarded as Scotland’s leading private day school, though it has in fact a multi-national boarding community with boarding facilities for both boys and girls.

The Academy has an excellent academic record and the great majority of students go on to university. However the distinctive experience of an Academy education is far more than this. The school is famous for its music, art, games and other activities. Nor is the experience confined to Edinburgh – pictured (right) is the field centre in the Highlands.

Offering both Scottish and English examinations, The Edinburgh Academy is able to cater for students from a variety of educational backgrounds, including in England or overseas.
A small and select school, The Academy is particularly noted for its small class sizes and individual attention to students.


Education – after love, the greatest gift you can give your child.

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